About Us

PHaT Sourcing is a professional sourcing team specialising in customised imports and bespoke fit-outs. Founded in 2009 by CEO Daniel Dickson, PHaT Sourcing was born out of the hospitality industry’s need for a partnering company that was concerned about the commercial viability of their furniture. Daniel’s family history in affordable customised commercial items was the basis for his passion to create a company that provided options that are not straight off the rack or out of a catalogue.

PHaT Sourcing’s difference is the customisation of an entire furniture offering at an affordable price and in a reasonable turnaround time. It is not only a buying agent but a true partner in venue fit-outs, with everything looked after, from start to finish.

Our expert team works with the client to provide the smoothest experience from design to delivery, looking after quality assurance and even rubbish removal after installation. PHaT Sourcing can run the entire process, being agile and nimble to adhere to all the client’s needs.

PHaT Sourcing has now provided furniture, fit-outs, and gaming chairs to a large number of Australia’s top hospitality pubs, clubs, and hotels. With more and more venues choosing the PHaT experience, our extensive list of award-winning venues is a true reflection of the quality and service provided in our one-stop-shop that makes client dreams become a reality.

The Team

Daniel Dickson
[email protected]

Neil Kane
General Manager
[email protected]

Gary Dillon
Gaming Operations Manager
[email protected]

Mark Ritchie
National Sales Manager
[email protected]

Sean Watson
Installation Manager
[email protected]

Yolanda Yu
Procurement Manager
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