With the onset of the Covid over the past 18 months it is possible that a wide range of cleaning agents have been used for the cleaning of vinyl on your Gaming Chairs. We would love to take this opportunity to remind you that it is vitally important you are aware of the following guidelines when cleaning your vinyl upholstery:

  1. Only use a mild solution of warm water and soap/detergent to clean vinyl upholstery.
  2. Clean vinyl upholstery on a daily basis. The longer the build up of dirt and body grime over time the greater the impact degrading the vinyl. This is due to a chemical build up from perspiration that weakens and breaks down the protective top coat of lacquer. This will lead to a drying, cracking and possible delimitation of the vinyl.
  3. Always wipe the vinyl upholstery dry using a clean, dry cloth. It is very important not to leave water on the surface of the vinyl. Again, this will lead to drying, cracking and possible delamination of the vinyl.

We want to bring this to your attention because the use of any other cleaning agents on your vinyl will more than likely void the manufacturer’s warranty over it. Your gaming chairs are a valuable asset for your business and the vinyl upholstery needs careful and constant maintenance to maintain the great look, feel and comfort of the chair.


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