Every chair in Gary Platt manufacturing’s collection of performance seating is hand-crafted to perfection, bringing unsurpassed comfort to each player’s gaming experience. With more than 40 years in delivering state-of-the-art ergonomically sculpted performance gaming seating, Gary Platt Manufacturing continues to push the bounds of excellence. For customers seeking an unsurpassed combination of functionality and durability in performance seating, Gary Platt’s chairs are simply the best!


Gary Platt handcrafts each performance chair in the USA. You can ensure your player's comfort is in good hands because of our meticulous attention to detail, and passion to provide unsurpassed comfort to each player that sits down in our casino or club chairs. Our designers and engineers ensure that Gary Platt's chairs not only look sleek, stylish, and classy, but also that they outlast years of heavy use and function. The design and engineering team at Gary Platt considers first the game that the player is playing, which indicates the back position of the player and necessary lumbar support positioning; a vital step in ensuring complete comfort of the player. A comfortable player means more time-on-device which in turn means more money in your pocket. Each chair is extensively tested for its game, environment, and use to ensure that it will perform with functionality and ease. Try out a Gary Platt performance chair today and prepare yourself for the “wow” factor of comfort when you sit down.